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High quality wine from Castelnuovo Magra

For over forty years, Ottaviano Lambruschi have been producing high quality Colli di Luni DOC red and white wines. The staff work throughout the year using their experience and passion to ensure a consistently first-rate offering with something to satisfy all tastes: light whites to combine with seafood and fresh desserts, and more full-bodied reds, perfect for enjoying with game and stews. Octavian Lambruschi, only the best Italian wines - always.

In the mid-70s

The Ottaviano Lambruschi company was founded in the mid-70s, when Octavian Lambruschi decided to leave his job in the quarries of Carrara, and buy two hectares of forest in Costa Marina, in the municipality of Castelnuovo Magra, La Spezia. With the help of his brother Alexander and a lot of determination, the first vineyard was planted and our first high quality wine was born.

In the 80s

During the 80s, Octavian's son, Fabio, with his agricultural technician's diploma, combined his family's passion with new production techniques to create a modern, efficient winery, rooted in tradition. Over the years, the company acquired new vineyards in prized areas of Liguria viticulture, such as "Sarticola" - an old farm already famous since the time of the Roman empire.

Producing only high quality wines for over forty years. 

Continuous research, combined with a great love for grape growing and vinification, result in very high quality products which represent the high aspirations of our company. We're confident that our wines will win over even the most demanding palates, from our Liguria Levante IGT "Manor" and Colli di Luni DOC "Costa Marina" to the superb Colli di Luni DOC "Major". Come and visit us today, or give us a call to find out more and place an order. 
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